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I created this website with the purpose of examining the shameful events that occurred during the (Van Son 25) Hoa Hau 2003 Vietnamese Free World Pageant organized by Ba Bich Ngoc. I would like to reiterate that Van Son simply provided the entertainment that night and was not really responsible for the result of the pageant. My opinion is that this pageant involved gross favoritism. I will provide you with factual evidence to show and prove that there is a significant likelihood that the judges unfairly selected a person who clearly did not deserve to win this pageant.


A) First four facts which provide circumstantial evidence of foul play (I go into detail regarding each header below).


1) there is a pending court case going on which involves Ba Bich Ngoc being sued for last years pageant

2) 7 out of 11 judges were from Houston Texas (where the Winner Agatha is from)

3) Judges manipulated the scores so that Agatha could jump from 7th place to 1st

4) Agathas very own aunt was invited to be a judge.

5) Agatha was a close friend of Ba Bich Ngocs granddaughter, who also was the coordinator of the judges.


B) My personal opinion based conclusions which lead me to believe that Agatha was unfairly favored by the judges.


1) Agatha did not have a body which warranted her to score the HIGHEST during bikini portion of the test.

2) Agathas final answer was utterly the worst among the five contestants.


C) Regardless of whether Agatha was predetermined to win this pageant, Agatha does not possess the qualities of her title as Miss Vietnamese Free World because:


1)      Fame and Money were the ONLY two main reasons why she joined the pageant

2)      She dislikes ao dais and publicly stated this in the video

3)      She bad mouths others right on camera




I will begin first with the 3 facts of the case which are irrefutable.




First, seven out of the eleven judges were confirmed to be from Texas. To be specific, the MC of the show stated that SIX (6) were from Houston, Texas. Another judge was Kathy Dang, was from Sugarland Texas. Coincidentally, Sugarland is the same hometown where the winner of this years pageant came from. Agatha Le made a big deal in a forum stating that she was not a true Houstonian, however, when she was talking to the MC during the video, she clearly stated that she was from HOUSTON, TEXAS. By the way, I also did a yahoo map search, and it appears that Sugarland is a mere 30-45 minutes from Houston Texas.


Starting from:

Sugar Land, TX Save Address

Arriving at:

Houston, TX Save Address

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22.1 miles

Approximate Travel Time:

36 mins


Another interesting, but very relevant tidbit, was that Agathas own aunt was invited to the pageant. Agatha admitted this herself (QUOTED VERBATIM):


"the fact that my aunt was invited, i didn't even know until i was at the pageant and they were excited that she was coming. i don't talk to her and i can guarentee that she can only recognize me if my mom pointed me out. she was invited because she has credibility to her name, she is very known in australia, that was the reason why she was invited. she earn that invite on her own (AGATHA)."


Granted her Aunt was prevented from being a judge, I am suspicious as to what links there are between her aunt and the organizers of this pageant. Some questions come to mind. If her aunt was all the way from Australia, WHY invite someone so far away? What was so special about her aunt that they could not have invited someone else?Again these are just relevant questions that I am posing. In addition, her AUNT was a FLOWER PERSON which further substantiates the fact there was a connection between the Aunt and Agatha. During the pageant, the organizers CLEARLY knew that Agatha was related to her Aunt. As a result, Agatha already had an advantage over the other girls because she was already known by the organizers.


Did the judges know Agatha? I have no evidence of any link between Agatha and the judges except for the fact that they were all from Houston Texas. It was clearly unfair for the other girls since 7 out of the 11 judges were from texas. Consider this, in all FAIR pageants, it is common sense NOT to have a panel of judges concentrated from any ONE area. This is common sense. How this was allowed to happen was beyond me.






SCORING RULES: According to Patricia (one of the coordinators of the pageant), the scoring was progressive. That means that the girls were always called in the order of their ranking AND total score at the time. In other words, the scores DO NOT reset after each elimination. Here is what Patricia also had to say:


If you pay attention on the video you can see who is leading before the next catagory. The names that are given to Viet Thao are not in random order they are from highest to lowest. The crown is given to the contestant with the highest overall score. To my understanding Aggie did very well in top 10 swimsuit and Ao dai. Last year it was the same thing, I tried to ask them to change that because it is becoming quite obvious. I'm going to make sure that this is not going to happen next year Patricia).


During the first elimination of girls from the original 30 down to 10, Agatha was the seventh to be called. Agatha, therefore, was ranked 7th place. Then after the bikini and Ao Dai portion of the pageant, they cut the number from 10 down to the final 5 contestants and Agatha miraculously jumps to FIRST PLACE! She was called first so that meant she had the highest score when they eliminated down to the five contestants. There is NO possible way that Agatha could have moved from 7th to 1st place all of a sudden. Unless of course, there was some score manipulating to put Agatha ahead.  Regardless of her performance during the second phase (swimsuit, ao dai), even if she scored the highest, she technically cannot move from 7th to 1st. 




According to both Agatha and Kaycee (Ba Bich Ngocs granddaughter), they met eachother during the week of the pageant and became good friends. They are rather open about their relationship and you can view pictures of them in our photo section. This is clear evidence that there is yet ANOTHER connection between Agatha and a member who organized the pageant.  According to Kaycee herself, she was the one responsible for organizaing the judges. Now I ponder of how and why the organizer (Kaycee) felt it was inconsequential to become friends with ANY of the contests, let alone, the winner of this pageant. In the VSAC forum, Kaycee had a dual identity as extreme_love and CutzieGurL21.


This is what Kaycee had to say under her nickname cutzie girl:

 the guy you thought was the tallier isn't her bf but was just part of the committee. None of the judges were related to the winner what so ever.. Ive known the guy my whole life and I coordinated the judges.. done.


You can view Ba Bich Ngocs granddaughters web page here under her screen name extreme_love at Asian Avenue and on her website, she says you can aim her at CutzieGurL21.



B) Now on to my own personal subjective opinions as to why Agatha SHOULD NOT have one.


1)      Agatha had the most disproportionate body out of the final five contestants. I base my observation and conclusions from the video itself and this picture.


  Of course a girls chest is not all there is to a girls body to judge on, however, I feel it is pertinent to point out that the pageant winner is lacking in the upper regional area. It would be common sense to assume that this should be a DISADVANTAGE for Agatha not an Advantage for Agatha to move straight into first place after the bikini portion. The bikini portion is primarily about the body and should be focused on how the body looks overall. Just like a guy who lacks pectoral muscles should NOT score high in a body building contest, likewise, a female contestant who is lacking the chest region SHOULD not score high in a bikini phase. Overall, Agatha has the height advantage, however, this height advantage is negated by the fact that her chest is virtually non existent. You can clearly see that the other girls, whose chest might not be any bigger, certainly seem to have more proportionate bodies when compared to Agatha. Please view this picture and judge for yourself. Again, this is just my personal opinion, however  I have provided logical explanations behind my viewpoint that it was ridiculous for the judges to place Agatha the HIGHEST for the bikini and ao dai portion ( I would assume a more proportionate body and better walking would be required for an ao dai as well).  


2)      Second, Agatha answered ridiculously POORLY during the final question and answer portion. There are two main things which should be considered during this phase, CONTENT of the answer and DELIVERY of the answer. Agathas delivery was the WORST compared to the other contestants. Even the half Vietnamese girl spoke better English than Agatha. Agatha struggled to get her answers out and seconds seemed like hours when she was so concentrated on answering the question. Agatha, should have AUTOMATICALLY been deducted points for not being able to speak Vietnamese as good as the other contestants. I would like to stress that speaking Vietnamese well is NOT a requirement, however, when the other contestant CAN speak and did answer much better, they should have naturally scored HIGHER than Agatha. Now comes the more crucial part of the pageant. The actual ANSWER itself. Agathas answer was bloody horrible. The first thing out of her mouth was Beat your kids. She couldnt speak Vietnamese to say I think that one Vietnamese trait we should change should be She just said a short sentence beat your kids so MC VIET THAO had to clarify.So what we Vietnamese People should change is how we beat our kids? and then Agatha answers shortly Kids dont know any better. Im sorry to bash her like this, but she answered as if she was 10 years old. The substance of her answer sounded like something that would come from a ten year old. Then when it came to answering what Vietnamese qualities we should keep, Agatha struggled to get her words out. She talked about how her parents required her to speak Vietnamese at home and how we should greet our grandparents. The requirement of speaking your own language at home is not something UNIQUE to Vietnamese culture. For example, my hispanic friend is required to speak Spanish at home by his parents. This comment means absolutely NOTHING. About greating our grandparents, although it is a significant component to our Vietnamese culture to always formally great our family and relatives, I am still not impressed.  This element is just not something that is EXTREMELY unique to ONLY our culture. The other contestants had much more educated and sophisticated answers than Agatha. To conclude this part of my argument, Agatha should have went down immediately in ranking based on her poor delivery of the answer alone, not to mention, the poor content she delivered. Diana answered extremely well, yet she didnt even place 2nd or 3rd. It would be common sense that if a contestant speaks Vietnamese poorly, she should score LOWER, not higher than the other contestants. 


C) Now on to the last issue of this pageant. The personality and character of this years Miss Free World.


These are unedited statements made by AGATHA LE in this forum which can viewed here:


~as for the behind the scenes, if you honestly think about it, you either join a pageant for fame or fortune, what else will u join for? if you wanted to help the community out more, you dont have to be queen to do that, anyone can do it. its not a requirement to have a crown to help out.


~as for beating a certain person that i said i would do, it's a pageant, thats the whole point of competition, winning is the goal. correct?


~also for my saying of the ao dai, scared and in an ao dai doesn't help the sweat factor. agree? who ever said "i'm honored to be in this viet dress", was saying so much bull because she knows she was thinking the same thing as me, "this thing is hot"


~meeting the judges, everyone got to meet the judges, say ur name, etc... and do one walk. .they made it fairly done to where each girl got to meet the judges.


agatha le



Above are the above statements made directly by Agatha. To summarize her statements:


1) She, herself, publicly stated all over the other forum that she ONLY did it for the money.


2) She adds to her list of shallow reasons as to why she joined the pageant. For MONEY and a personal vendetta.


3) She has no respect for the most symbolic portion of the Vietnamese Pageant, the Ao Dai. She also accuses other girls of "talking bull."


4) Speaking of Judges: Her aunt was asked to be a judge (this is not a rumor, Agatha admits stopping this from happening). Regardless of whether or not her aunt was a judge, the fact that her aunt was even invited should raise many eyebrows.


So to conclude, despite the controversy surrounding the outcome of the pageant, Agatha's poor attempt to justify herself has made her look even worse. Contrary of her belief that all contestants are in for fame and money, i strongly believe there are girls who enter for the honor and privilege to represent Vietnamese beauty. By Agatha readily accepting the crown with the intentions of winning money, she is robbing away the title from a more sincere individual who could serve as a better role model in our community.

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. I might put a picture of myself on this page...or just a picture that I especially like.




Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.